Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Measure a Door" Video

We install doors, lotsa doors.  We also talk about installing doors with customers on the phone.  In an effort to weed out the tire kickers and only go out on real solid leads, we charge a measure fee.  It's only $50 bucks and we give it back if we actually do the job, but some people still would rather 'get a number' before investing in our service.  In an effort to help them understand the info we need, we produced a little video to explain the info we need to accurately bid a door for them.  Here it is.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We do Displays

Just delivered a trade show exhibit we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to build for the manufacture of Bodyguard brand siding.  We were super stoked to be asked to provide our skills to the build of a display for such a prestigious manufacture.  This little building is currently standing proud in the Northern California Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, where Bodyguard presented their product line to the leading Architects in the San Fransisco Area.  Talk about performance pressure.   Can you imagine my stress, building a display for a manufacture to present their wares to a bunch of Architects? 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up !

Wow, I've really been neglecting my blog here.  I just noticed I haven't posted since April and here it is June!  It goes without saying we've been really busy here at the new old shop.   We've been fortunate to be attraciting back our old customers, and getting some business from other lumberyards.  We did another home show in Napa and built an awesome new booth for that one.  Heres a photo of it.

The Napa Home Show Display

Stephen and I did the Napa show and we had a great time.  The booth went together so easy I couldn't believe it, we actually got everything right with this one.  We met alot of great people, got tons of interest in our company and overall had a great time.  We set the booth up in the warehouse so anyone that comes in can see it.  It's been a great conversation piece.  After that show we got back to work with all the other details that go along with starting a new store.

A new store?

Yep,  I got this this crazy idea of opening an Architecural Millwork Supercenter, wrote a business plan and was able to secure funding for the venture, aptly named Architectural WOODS.  It took a couple months to get everything done.  Its hard to really forecast everything that goes into launching a new brand but I'm plowing through it, even if it is all a little overwhelming.  All while trying to keep the shop busy.  It's been exhausting but we're all so excited about the potential, it fuels us to work crazy long hours.  I'm really proud of our team and the potential for this thing to really take off.