Monday, June 13, 2011

Pottery Barn Mantel !

Here's our latest Low Cost mantel for the clean look set.  We have a builder that could literally build a Pottery Barn.  They know thier stuff, build to a specific clientele and stage thier projects so well, thier projects sell almost befoire they are finished.  I love working with them.  They give me creative freedom and are always excited with our work.  Here they had a tight budget and wanted a clean look, Pottery Barn inspired.  Clean as a country whistle.

Bifolding Fiberglass Door, Distressed !

Our latest bifolding door creation.  This one is made from fiberglass panels and measures 12'0" across.  The distressing into this door is what really makes it fantastic.  It was done by Randy at New Look Painting.  It looks absolutely incredible in person.  He's the only guy I know who can distress a fiberglass door.  He also just so happens to be one of my prefinishing sub contractors.  So if you're looking for an amazing bifold door with a really killer finish, be sure to come by the shop.  We'll hook you up.