Sunday, August 29, 2010

Craftsman Style Entry

I stopped by a friends house recently. I provided construction consulting, materials, and services for him while he remodeled this great spot. While there I snapped a few pics.  This shot of the front elevation and entry I designed for him kind of got sun washed.  I like the photo regardless, sort of artsy.
And below is a shot of the entry door we built for him.  I really like the simple elegance of the Craftsman Style.  This door is a great fit for this home with it's oversize 3'6" wide door, flat panels, and exaggerated trim tails.  This door also looks great with the addition of a dentil shelf.

I had designed this door with tapered casings as well but by the time I caught that the carpenters hadn't caught that, the siding was installed and it was too late. Oh well, still looks great. Nice and clean.

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  1. what is the colour of the paint on the door?