Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here we go

So this is it, the first entry. Wow, I've arrived. Should I start with a recent history, or just current events? Do I bring you up to speed or simply assume that if you are reading this it's because I begged you to do so as a condition of your support for my existance. Hmmm.

A little of both. First a little bitty bio:

Has Been - World Champ type aging Gen-Xer . All the usual that goes with it. Starting to control the reckless abandon, accepting responsiblity, growing up, ect. Aging now into a pretty respectalbe family/business man who has taken a penchant to building most what ever I want. This comes in handy as the family business is selling ..wait for it..yes..building materials. Go figure. As a result of an obsessive compulsive reaction to things I'm interesed in I've amassed a random assortment of shortcuts and solutions to many things building. All kinds of stuff, homes, furniture, trade show booths, guns, cars, boats, ect. Haven't built a plane but I will. Enough about that and back to the why of this blog. So, I started doing these "Carpentry Clinics" and this is where this whole blog thing is going. (I guess I haven't completely outgrown the shameless self promotion. ) I'm going to post up info on my shows and projects and basically just shamelessly promote myself and the family business.

Current Events.

The last Carpentry Clinic was a real success, got a bunch of people to come and pulled the whole thing off like I actually knew what I was doing. I was a little overwhelmed by the response to be quite honest. Thaks to all of you folks that came and checked it out, it was real encouraging to realize that there were prople actually interested in learning what I was teaching. So the response was so good, I made a schedule for the year! The next one is on wainscoting and will be on June 6th. We'll be doing a free BBQ lunch again and look forward to another great event.

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