Monday, May 18, 2009

This photo was from the last time I took out the Toyota.. Ended up on the lid and scaring the ladies to death..
So the trip North was a good one. Got a little father on this beast of a detail, which is actually a little farther than this pic shows, I just forgot to to take a new pic so Im using something from a few weeks ago since you haven't seen it yet anyway. I'll get some new stuff next week. Other exciting developments include the removal of the ugly tempory counters which you can see in this photo. They are now gone and replaced with a really neat desk thing I bought from the HomeDepot design center when they went out of business. (yay!)

While up North I got my rock crawler truck uncovered and cleaned up for the annual Prather Brothers Off road Poker Run pre runner party. Super fun times in the woods with hillbilly folk of all ages. What was really amazing was the cabin in the woods where the whole event starts from. It was built by hand from trees taken right off the property. The Prathers actually set up a portable lumber mill and cut every piece of wood they used to build this awesome cabin in the woods. Needless to say being a builder and overall wood-type guy, I was really impressed. Sorry I didn't get any photos, maybe next time. Check out the photo at the top for the last time I took it out..

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