Friday, October 8, 2010

Vegas Baby!

So last week we went out to Las Vegas as one of our friends was competing in the Ms.Olympia Figure Championship!  We are all so proud of Carin Hawkins amazing rise to stardom in the world of fitness.  She placed 12th!  That may not seem like an impressive finishing position until you consider that this is the biggest event in bodybuilding, it's basically the World Championship, and just getting on the stage at this uber prestigious event is an accomplishment conquered by only the elite of the industry.  So WAY TO GO CARIN!!!
So of course while we are there, I'm checking out every architectural detail in the Playground of Architects.  I saw so much neat stuff I got architecture overload.  I got a ton of great ideas for the new showroom and just can't wait to put them to use.  So much cool stuff.  I don't have time to upload all the images right now, but I'll get a few up soon.  Let's just let this post say Yeaaaaa!!! CARIN!!

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