Friday, December 24, 2010

Dream Mantel Build

I'm fortunate to every now and again get the opportunity to flex the design muscles a little.  I had built a mantel for a contractor buddy of mine, Jason Willis, in the past, so when he got a client that really wanted to take it over the top with something elaborate and gawdy, I got the call.  I was stoked to be able to help Jason look like the rock star he is with this mantel.  I put a bunch of time into working the design sketch for him, we ended up scaling it back the origional design to 'value engineer' the project.  Regardless, he showed up on the job with a design presentation that made the interior designer on the job look like an ametuer.  He said it was very gratifing to stand back while the designer made all kinds of hand gestures and desciptions of what she had envisioned for the space while the client just kept saying she needed to see it, that she was visual.  Jason didn't say a word until asked then dropped the sketch on her that sealed the deal right then and there.  Here's a shot of it half installed.  I'll post up the completed photos in the next few days..

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