Friday, December 24, 2010

Fiberglass Doors

It's no secret, I love wood.  But lets be honest, technology is cool too.  When technology from the space industry makes its way into the building industry markets we get better products for the home.  Case in point fiberglass doors.  ThermaTru, Masonite, and PlastPro are three manufactures that are excelling in this exciting new technology.  Why fiberglass?  Because the trees we are harvesting these days are new growth, which means alot of sapwood, which is softer than the heartwood.  To make a very long and complicated discussion short, the wood we get today is nowhere near as durable as the old growth of yesteryear.  So fiberglass is coming into the market as a nearly industructable substitute.  The technology is now to the point to where a good finisher can make fiberglass doors fool even pros like me.  Heres one we did for a family in Napa.


  1. You are right! Technology improved a lot. Even I also love wood for doors and windows in home decor. You filled the blog with useful information. Thanks for sharing.Fiberglass entry doors

  2. That is a beautiful door! I have a hard time believing that it is made from fiberglass, truly incredible what technology is capable of doing. I think this can be a great option to provide a long life of the door, while still giving the gorgeous look of wood.