Sunday, May 8, 2011

Open House!

Wow!  I can't believe we got it done.  I also can't believe how time flys!  Here it is already May and I haven't even posted about our Open House, now two months behind us!  Since we've opened the doors to the public, we've been pretty slammed.  We were busy to begin with, just doing all the professional business.  Then with all the fanfare and media attention, its been a little overwhelming. Here's a shot of our showroom during the Open House before we really got buzzing..

On the right is none other than Gary Katz.  Gary is the de-facto professor of finish carpentry.  I've learned more from his books and videos than I have from from making mistakes.  Thats saying alot, because I make alot of mistakes.  Gary put on an incredible presentation about ornamentation in carpentry.  It was fascinating, the bits I caught between chatting up the customers, anyway.  I was also real excited to present an opportunity for Jesse Wright, one of our featured carpentry artists, to get to co-host a Katz Roadshow.  Here's a shot of the two of them during the show.

It was a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the show Gary put together for us.  I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to Gary for coming up and presenting as well as the featured carpentry artists that put so much effort into our showroom builds.

First guy to thank, Jesse Wright from Architectural Moldings.  He's got mad skills with design and builds his stuff to the highest degree of craftsmanship.  You can check out his blog at  Here's a shot of Jesse working with his favorite tool.

Another fella who really put in the effort and deserves considerable thanks and mention is Kevin Melvin from Sierra Interior Trim.  Kevin works tirelessly and is one of the fastest finish carpenters I've ever seen.  If you have a job that has to be done 'right now' while maintaining a high degree of craftsmanship,  Kevin is your man.  He doesn't have a website but if you come into the showroom, I'd be happy to flip you his card and point out all the fine details he has his hands on.  Here's a shot of him working the Bosch.

And last but not least in the background of Kevins hero shot is Tim D.  Tim is the propieter of Tim Dennis Construction.  While Tim spends most of his working hours in the framing realm, he's no stranger to artistic builds.  Tim whipped up our reclaimed lumber purgola in short order turning ancient timber into modern art.  You can see this badboy standing proud right out in front of the shop at this very minute.  Here's Tim deep in concentration...
He looks pretty serious there doesn't he?  You shoulda seen the sawdust flying.  There's a ton of other people that deserve mention and credit beginning with my entire staff and family.  Everybody did thier part getting us up and running.  I could never have done it without a single one of you.  I'm so proud of our people  and what we have done in the last year.  Great things await.

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