Sunday, January 10, 2010

Better Finishing Equipment

The Alder pair in previous posts brought a glaring reality to light. I've been tracking my time in these prefinishing jobs and once its all said and done I'm not making very good money, and worse, I'm never truely satisfied with the finished product when it leaves for install. I know spraying would cut down the labor and up the quality. I have spray equipment, but it's automotive stuff and not good for materials I use on doors so I hit the internet and researched a unit that I thought would best suit my needs. I wanted an HVLP system that could shoot both latex and oil based as well as varnishes. I wanted something that had high efficiency of material transfer and was self contained. Graco had just the right unit in thier FinishPro series of sprayers. Its awesome. Better yet I found exacly the unit I wanted on Craigslist back east, called the guy up and we made a clean deal. I got this little beauty for half price, brand new. The finish Gods have begun to smile upon me.

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