Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Secret Sauce

Alright so I'm thinking that in an effort to make this blog a worthy read for guys who are into this kind of stuff that I would share the results of a recent discovery and expose a great breakthrough I have had recently in my quest for the perfect finish. What you see here is my new super secret cold weather quick dry formula. By using the Napthia to reduce the Epifanies and add the Japan Dryer (I think I'll just keep the ratios to myself at least until someone asks) I have been able to reduce the dry time of the Epifanies from 24 hours down to about 16, by adding heat I can get it down to 12. That means two coats in a day. The mixture is also super flow-y and lays out like glass. Awesome.

This post has been edited to keep some of my secrets to myself.

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