Thursday, January 21, 2010

Showroom Work.

Well, got a chance to get back to some showroom work recently and snapped off a few shots while I was up there. This is an AWESOME project that I have been picking away at for over a year now. Its in Piedmont Lumbers Lakeport yard. Piedmont is expanding thier Architectural Millwork Division up into Lake County and to better showcase the products they sell, I was asked to design and build 'a showstopper'
My pleasure.
Here's a shot of me working on an arched collonade. I'm using the best ladder made, Stokes ladder, and a super cool new portable Co2 unit from Powertank to air up my gun. This is a real slick 'side arm' tank that hangs on my belt letting me run around without having to worry about a compressor or hose. Quality is top notch, and this little 1.25 pound tank will shoot about 200 finish nails. I did a review for these products in the Journal of Light Construction. The Powertank ranks amung my favorite tools. I don't even own a little compressor anymore.
For more info on these products go here:

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