Friday, January 22, 2010

Crown Moulding Tricks

OK, going through the showroom pics I found one that gives up a tool set I've been keeping a secret cause it's just that good. I've been pretty protective of my discoveries that really make a difference in quality and speed of install in the past, simply because I invest alot of time researching, testing, and developing these techniques. Why should I just show them to some jackass I'll bid against one day? Well, not too likely I'll bid against guys around the internet, and since I can't take the knowledge with me, I might as well at least document my own path to find it. Besides, if you found this blog, chances are you're a guy like me on his own knowledge quest and probably someone I'd like working with anyway. You are afterall, spending time at a computer looking at carpentry techniques so you must be into the artform too...So here you go, another tool and technique that really makes a difference in your work.

Pinch clamps. These clamps were developed for the picture frame industry but they work killer for holding crown moulding outside corners and small casing miters tight. Basically anytime I need to clamp together a miter while the glue sets, I'm reaching for these. I often will build a crown assembly on the table with these clamps and let it set up before I install it. Real slick.

We sell these in our store. Call us at (925) 935-8400. Our website sucks.

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