Monday, September 6, 2010

Greek Doric Order Build

I've got a dream build going in the shop that is just insane.  This is the type of thing you get to build once every couple of years if you're lucky.  I knew my buddy Jesse would literally salivate at the chance to build this and I needed the help so I brought him in on it.  We spent the first day basically just kicking around design ideas and trying to get the scale and proportion correct.  Jesse is an absolute student to the history of the craft and a super talented builder.  There plain and simply isn't a better finish carpenter out there to help me with this type of build.  We're thinking about shooting the whole build for an article we could collaborate on.  I'm doing and intervelometer shoot of the build regardless. We're really having a good time with this one, yesterday was awesome, we got all the subassemblies built.  Here is the concept sketch that got the ball rolling...

I'm supposed to work on the backyard today for the lovely wife, but all I can think about is getting back into the shop and getting those subassemblies standing on the wall.  This feeling is what I truely love about carpentry.  The 'Wanna see it up" feeling you get when you're on to an exciting build and the "Yep, I built that" satisfaction you get when it's done.  I'll post pics of the thing going up, it's going to be amazing.  Jesse is pressing to take it more formally period correct in the Greek Doric order.  While I just wanted to origionally do a relatively quick build, now that we're into it.  I'm into it.  I think Jesse is going to get his way. If you're going to do it, might as well do it Wright.

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