Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Panelled Post Collonade and wainscot

I just received some photos from a customer we did a little trim work for when they did a remodel on thier home.  This was a real simple build that gave the room quite an impact.  This is a great example of what a huge difference just a little bit of molding will make to the overall feel of a room.  I would have liked to have seen a crown on the colonnade, the customer didn't want anything to protrude out from the wall too far so we used a bolection molding for a crown.  My design would have been a little different, but the customer is always right, and they loved it so ultimately that's all that mattered.
And below is a shot of the interior with a real simple, inexpensive, but still great looking faux wainscoting detail.

These panels are created by simply applying chair rail and deco molding to the sheet rock and painting the wall below the chair rail a different color.  This is an effective and inexpensive technique to get the look of a real panelled wainscot for a lot less money than the real deal.

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  1. Rob, most guys back east call that type of paneling "Shadow Boxes" I have a reprint millwork catalog from 1927 that calls it "skeleton panels"
    I think both terms sound cool. Nice looking work!