Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Radius doorjamb for antique doors

We got ourselves a real neat build going in the door shop. One of our favorite customers dropped off a pair of antique doors asking us to build a jamb set for them.  These are special doors, over 100 years old and still in remarkable condition thanks to the timeless craftsmanship clearly evident in their construction.   We got right to work building the radius head jamb.
It took every clamp we had in the joint to get the assembly clamped to the buck.  This was super fun to build.  Stephen and I built the buck and the jamb head while our shop master craftsman, Ross, slept off a migraine.   As much as Ross cranks out in the shop for us, I was happy to step away from the pile of paperwork and fab this little gem up in his absence.  Any day I have to get out into the shop is another day that I don't have to push paper.  I'd much rather build stuff.  As I was finishing the glue up, Jesse showed up and we got on our Monster build.  We kicked around design for a while and played around with some ancient architectural details and collectively decided we were going to replicate history.  More on that later..  For now here's the jamb all finished up for this antique door set.  The whole shop had a part of building this jamb.  Good job fellas~

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