Thursday, September 9, 2010

HG Radio Launches this weekend on 910am KNEW Sat. 6-9am

This weekend marks the launch of our new radio show on FoxNews Radio KNEW 910am.  My buddy from HGTV, Ian McCartt and I will be co-hosting along with well known home improvement radio personality David Yates.  This show will focus on all things Home and Garden.  We will discuss topics ranging from home finance to repairing roofs.  We are all real excited to bring this type of a show to the San Fransisco Bay Area market.  I am super honored to be part of it and look forward to bringing my 30 years of building industry knowledge to the program helping people make improvements to the spaces they raise their families in.  This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us that I couldn't be more excited about.  Please tune in, we look forward to providing answers and solutions to your home improvement projects.

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