Friday, September 17, 2010

More mantels.

In the course of starting a new business, building a new showroom, and developing a new radio show,  I still have to work.  My buddy Victor sent me a photo of the mantel I built for him now that it is installed.  I'm really happy that a mantel I built here in Nor-Cal fits so well installed over 500 miles away.  This is a modified sherwood mantel that we made fit into his highly contrained space.  The simple shelf below was a great opportunity to introduce Stephen to the art of mantel building.  He did great!  While this is far from his first mantel build, this is the first one that I measured and turned over to him to build.  When we went out to install, it couldn't have fit better.  It looks simpler than it really is since the top actually wraps around a pop out.  Regardless, Stephen nailed it... to the wall. As well as figuratively speaking.

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